Glamorous Furniture//Curway Creations Kitchen

Hello my loves.I can tell you a secret from my rl:I hate cooking. I found myself a disaster in the kitchen .My boyfriend always prefers taking me out in the city to eat then look at me how I try to make something comestible .But at the end how important is that?I breath glamorous styles and modern furniture.

Ok after you read that intro maybe you already know what this presentation will be about.And yes it’s right we will talk about kitchen.Of course we will stay far away from the cupboard ,and we will discuss only the furniture style.So let’s see what we have here.

This set was made by Cur Waydelich ,the designer of the furniture store CurWay Creations.He has a lot of fabulous stuffs there ,but I decided to present one of his latest release the Electra kitchen.The first thing you will love at it is the lovely animations.You can pose almost everywhere in the kitchen ,perfect fit for a sweet him.

In the same time you will adore the light on/off option.It gives this set a more realistic style.Should I mention that the cabinets come with open/close script?I know that’s even better.For giving it a more unique style you can separately buy the CurWay Gingerbread set for decorative kitchen stuffs.In the same time as we don’t want the table empty I recommend you the CurWay Coffeepot.Press it and get your coffee cups .

So tell me how can you refuse such an amazing set?Curway Creations Mainstore is waiting for you to take a look at their unique designs.I can give you a tip:They are high qualities and all of us must have at least 1 design from them.Take care and enjoy your shopping weekend ❤

-Store List-
Set: Electra kitchen – Curway Creations /Designer: Cur Waydelich
Available at Curway Creations Mainstore

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