Glamorous Furniture//Another Man’s Treasure Koharu

Hello my favorite shopaholics.I hope everyone has a fabulous day because I do.Such a lovely weather here ..and I am in a shopping mode hehe.Anyway let’s pass over this details.Today we are going to discover how beautiful Indian style furniture can be.We will visit the Another Man’s Treasure where I will show you a master piece.

You know I love furniture as much as I love clothes.It doesn’t matter what they are as long as the fit in a room and are high quality.Today for example I brought on the blog a super cute living room that I am more then sure you will adore it.Named Koharu this is for sure one of the must have stuffs in your inventory.

What I love so much at the Koharu set?The large number of pieces it comes with.Well you see it’s a amazing chance to buy a lot of furniture in only one place.This set comes with a sofa[btw I am crazy after the poses],3 chairs,3 table,2 lamps,1 carpet,1 painting,2 decorative objects one Aquarium and of course 2 plants to give the room a even better look.

People always ask me what is my favorite piece.Well the truth is that the Stacked Storage Baskets gives the room a more sophisticated look and that makes it look incredible.In the same time I shouldn’t forget to tell you all that the animations included in this are absolutely breathtaking.I can let my avatar on the sofa all day knowing that it is in a safe place with a lovely animation.

So if you didn’t visited until now “Another Man’s Treasure” store..then this is the chance.Don’t forget to look for the set named Koharu and of course for other furniture too.That’s because Glamorous Furniture was here with you ,and presented another high quality set.

-Store List-
Set: Koharu – Another Man’s Treasure/Designer: Stormy McCallister
Available at Another Man’s Treasure Mainstore


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