Glamorous Furniture//Discovering Dark

For sure this is going to be one of the best weeks.I am going to work hard on promoting the Glamorous Furniture Blog .Until then I am back today with a style that I am sure you will love.Designed by SoHuGiKi Solutions is time to discover the dark part too.

Last time we saw a lovely living room,today we see one of the best dinning room.Inspired a bit from the dark horror movies,this style fits the best in vampire houses or castel.Of course it goes well with dark home inspired houses.It will bring a plus for environment of your house.My good friend Lotta Shelman joined me today at this table to take the photo together.

Named Graveness this set comes with 6 lovely chairs that fits perfectly at a beautiful long table.For a even better look we get a cupboard too ,something to make us scream and love it in the same time.Should I still mention the high quality carpet that gives the room a modern look?

If you didn’t visit Sohugiki solutions mainstore until should.They create first class furniture that goes well in all kind of homes.In the same they represent one of my favorite stores for beds.They really know how to make it work.

-Store List-
Set: Graveness – SoHuGiKi Solutions/Designer: Kikkoz Slade
Available at Sohugiki Solutions Mainstore

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