Glamorous Furniture//SoHuGiKi Solutions

I am so happy that finally i can announce my personal blog open too.I’ve been working with clothes for a long time on one of second life’s biggest website “Glance International Agency”website ..and now i am finally able to present you my new blog special made for furnitures “Glamorous Furnitures”.For today i have a living set that i am sure you will all adore it and you will want it in your home.Enough for the introduction here comes the interesting part.

I must confess that I love furniture as much as I love clothes..that’s why I decided to make a dream come true for designers who help us style our houses and promote their stuffs too.Today we have here a SoHuGiKi Solutions design that is named Soprano Living Room.Belive me is enough to see the images and you already want it in your inventory.

Soprano Living Room is made from very carefully prims and a fabulous texture that brings reality in the virtual life.This set comes with a fabulous sofa,chairs to fit the set,a lovely glass table,a palm tree and of course since decorations are very important and we don’t want the table to be empty we can add the “Cocco with joints” .This set for sure fits in every house that is designed in a modern style.We shouldn’t forget about the carpet,that is one of my favorite.

So if you never visited SoHuGiKi Solutions store before..then this is your chance.They create first class stuffs ,that every avatar must see it at least once.So ,I love this part, shopping time.

-Shop List-
Set: Soprano Living Room- SoHuGiKi Solutions/Designer: Kikkoz Slade
Available at Sohugiki Solutions Mainstore


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